"Everyone Deserves to be Safe!"

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Stun Guns
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Telescopic Baton 800,000 Volt
Z Force Stun Guns
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Pepper Shot Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray for Women
Pepper Spray Booklet
Lipstick Pepper Spray
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Wildfire Pepper Spray

Mace Sprays
Mace Spray for Women
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Child Safety
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Crime Shield, USA Kiosk

How would like to become a part of our program and be a Crime Shield, USA distributor? You would work in your area promoting personal safety and providing our top of the line products to your clientale. To be a Crime Shield, USA distributor, you have to be the best of the best. Our top distributors earn up to 30% commissions. Investment is extremely small. No need to stock a large inventory. We have packages specially priced for flea markets. We know which items are the best at each type of market. We operate our own test flea market kiosk located at Cooks Flea Market (www.cooksfleamarket.com) in Winston-Salem, NC and use it to test market different products so you can build on our experience. We are not in this business to just sell you inventory. We will help make you successful.

Why should you join me in this important and highly profitable business and sell stun guns, mace, pepper sprays, diversion safes, advanced tasers, personal alarms, and spy and surveillance systems for homes or businesses?

First of all, this is a very IMPORTANT business, because we get to do something very important for families and business owners and society...

CRIME is real. Women who are assaulted or rapedÂ…families whose homes are invaded...the damage done to people this way goes far beyond just the loss of money or jewelry. And, for the most part, the police can only get involved after the damage has been done. You and I are the real first line of defense. We can educate and equip people to protect themselves, their loved ones, their homes and businesses. This is not something most people do of their own initiative. They don't get up in the morning and say "Let's go over to Wal-Mart and buy some non-lethal self-defense products." People need to know where they can find these products. Which is where you and I come in, and do well. Our testing has shown that over 95% of our first time customers had no idea that today would purchase a personal safety protection product.

We make money while helping others! And there aren't a lot of businesses you can say that about. Arguably, for example, you might make good money owning a pizza franchise, but really, what good are you doing? Contributing to the obesity problem? You can name all kinds of other businesses where you might make good money but that's all. In this business, you can take real pride in the fact that you save lives for a living. That you provide peace of mind and real security to people just like you and I.

If you are looking for one of the most challenging opportunities available CLICK HERE and send me an email about yourself, where you live, and why you believe you could make a difference in your local community. We all have a part to play in making our communities safer for all of us.

Keep Safe!

Crime Shield, USA

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